It is a common mission for both

“Mahindra United World College is a mission-driven organisation that is committed to peace and sustainable future through education. We just don’t focus on academics but offer a holistic educational experience. We pay attention to environmental, ecological and political education. We make it imperative for our teachers to cater to all the faculties of students — cognitive development, and physical and emotional health. And, food plays a critical role here. This is where we share a direct connection with Sodexo.”

“We lay great emphasis on nutrition and wellbeing. We believe that nutritious food has a direct bearing on the students’ ability to think and develop properly. Sodexo is a great partner in this journey and makes it extremely easy for us. Sodexo offers great diversity in food choices. And, this is synonymous with our philosophy. We educate students about right and wrong, but also give them the autonomy to make responsible food choices that work well for them.”

It is about doing more than what’s required

“Sodexo doesn’t merely work as a food vendor. It goes beyond. Let me elaborate. At Mahindra United World College, students have a say in all elements that concern them, such as accommodation and food. We have an in-house food committee comprising student representatives who have regular discussions with Sodexo representatives wherein they discuss issues or share recommendations. And, these discussions on food choices are particularly relevant during occasions, such as Ramadan when students would like to make sure that proper food is available. And, we are extremely pleased to know that Sodexo has been thoroughly receptive.”

“Our campus has students coming from 64 different nationalities. This implies different cultural groups, different religious sensibilities, and different food needs. And, Sodexo has always been open to having conversations on student needs.”

“For us, Sodexo goes beyond its presence in the cafeteria. You see, here, we are 5 km away from the nearest town that is Paud. This is quite a distance. So, we need to be interdependent. That’s why, we are more of a community here. We know each other’s names. There’s quite a bit of camaraderie here. And, Sodexo is part of our community, whether be it on special events, such as Republic Day or our Foundation Day. During the pandemic, Sodexo was instrumental in meeting the needs of the students. One of the best parts of being associated with Sodexo is that Sodexo pays attention to you, just like a family member so that you are not lost in your daily humdrum. They are gracious. The Sodexo staff also takes care of the ground. So, you see, Sodexo is everywhere. It is a significant part of the college life here.”


It is about a shared vision for sustainability

“Sodexo and we share a vision for sustainability. At our end, We have put up solar panels so that we rely less on electricity. We also have our in-house Sustainability Team and a Sustainability Consultant to ensure we meet our strategy. We use minimal plastic on campus. We make it a point to use reusable dishes. All of this is due to the messaging in our education to the students. We instruct students not to pile food on the plate unnecessarily; to be conscientious about meal consumption. This is why they take only what they can consume. I think this belief and practice is in sync with Sodexo’s mission of avoiding food wastage. It’s good to have a partner who has shared values. It just makes the daily functioning easier and purposeful.”