In an exclusive chat with our esteemed client Dr. Malay Mahadevia, we spoke about how organisational excellence and successful collaboration work hand-in-hand for a sustainable partnership. Here are some interesting excerpts from the tête-à-tête with the Whole Time Director, Adani Port Sez and CEO, Adani Airport Holdings Ltd.


What, according to you, is the key to organisational excellence?

Dr. Malay Mahadevia: My extensive experience in the Operations and HR verticals has enlightened me with one truth — To understand our customer’s pain points and enable our teams to fulfil their role comfortably and to the best of their ability, we need to nurture the value of empathy. When we see a story through another lens, we learn to respect varied opinions and develop a culture of respect and tolerance. In essence, this thought enables organisations like us to fulfil the needs of our employees as well as customers. When we live by such a core value, the evolved mindset spreads and grows within the team. It helps create a positive work environment amenable to excellence. Eventually, it helps us to instil a sense of pride in our belonging and the value we provide.

“At Adani Group, our focus has always been to deliver right. In time. The first time! Such an attitude naturally resonates in a growth mindset. We are certainly not a part of the flash brigade of page 3, but we represent passion, dedication, and exponential growth, both at the individual level and organisational level. To bring an additional sheen to this tent of happiness, we have a reliable and trustworthy partner like Sodexo.”



How do you think mutual synergies of organisations work in tandem for a successful collaboration?

Dr. Malay Mahadevia: I was part of Adani when we joined hands with Sodexo for food services and facilities management services. An enduring partnership like ours can only be sustained on the pillars of trust, respect, and value. It’s akin to a successful marriage. Both partners must not only accept each other but value each other too. Sodexo has been proactive, responsive, and agile right from the word go. Sodexo is an excellent listener and a quick implementer. It is this service spirit of Sodexo India, that has been nurturing our partnership for years. When you work in a team, tools and technologies certainly help you to simplify the job, but it is empathy that eventually drives the partnership and strengthens it. 

You see your partner’s point of view. You make them see your perspective. This dual understanding and shared responsibility are critical to a successful collaboration. After all, we are in the business of working with people, for people.

“It is the culture of service spirit that ties Sodexo and Adani together. I believe if we nurture this culture of service, we can together improve services far more, fulfill needs to a greater extent and enhance the quality of human life maximally.”