Unfailing support, consistent care

“My entry into the world of business was completely unplanned. My parents in law encouraged me to look beyond domestic duties, particularly, my mother-in-law. She believed that I must develop myself wholly and the best way to do that was to take up a professional responsibility. My husband and father-in-law guided me in my starting steps. Within a short time, they entrusted me with a part of our business completely.”

“Sancheti Family Foods India Pvt Ltd is in the business of making pickles, spices and papads. Our business is concentrated in Maharashtra, and parts of Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. I oversee production, costing and labour. We manufacture on an average 500 tonnes of spices monthly. Nearly 70% of the labour comprises women. Seeing me leading the company, the women folk feel safe and secure. The men in their houses are completely alright when it comes to their women working at Sancheti. Such strong is the trust in us.”


Working Mrs.Mili Sanchet“My association with Sodexo started right from the time I joined the business in 2008. My journey has been full of struggles. I started from scratch. I learned the know-how of running a business, managing the finances, conducting oneself with the employees, and a lot more. My family has always been there with me. But I must mention the fabulous support of Sodexo in my journey. I was new to so many things at Sancheti. But Sodexo was my buddy during my baby steps.”

“I particularly recall this one gentleman — Mr. Ramesh — who has always been willing to help me and support me in my trying times. The entire Sodexo team has been fantastic to work with. Never once have I faced any discomfort considering my gender when working with Sodexo. I’m pleased that Sodexo has been a critical partner in my individual growth.”

“Sodexo is always willing to help out. They are flexible and cooperative. And, most importantly, they never compromise on quality. To add to this, constant and prompt communication with Sodexo is one of the key reasons why they are simply the best.”

“Another great reason to work with Sodexo is that they take safety seriously. There are annual audits from their end, which go well every time. Plus, they constantly guide us in these areas to make sure we meet all benchmarks. If anyone asked me to define Sancheti in one word, it would be quality. Similarly, if I were to describe Sodexo in one word, it would be quality. This identical mindset is a great attribute to our teamwork. I believe that work doesn’t see gender and age. If you desire something strongly, you can achieve it. All you need is an excellent support system. I have Sodexo with me. And then, sky is the limit!”