Reasons why pockets are a great meal option for corporate consumers

5 reasons why “Pack-A-Pocket” is a great meal option for corporates

Published on : 3/16/20
  • Employees in most organizations no longer observe the 9-5 routine; flexi is the new buzzword. They are constantly on the move - travelling to workplaces, visiting client sites, attending seminars and workshops. Employees prefer not to be tied down to their seats in front of laptops, but move around, even when they are in the office.

    In keeping with this transition, food trends have also evolved. Besides, food fosters social connect, sparks ideas and conversations and serves as a stress buster. Food is increasingly becoming an integral part of the workplace experience. There is an increasing need for food that can be carried easily, consumed while on the go, is filling, and of course, with zero compromises on quality and taste; pockets perfectly fit the bill!

    In collaboration with Chef Ajay Chopra, and armed with Consumer research, Sodexo has introduced a new take on Pockets. We have introduced pockets with a variety of bases, from pita – to Wraps to Baos and Waffles. These exciting pockets come in a variety of sweet and savoury fillings which cover Indian and Global choices. In fact, the choices are only limited by imagination.

    Sweet and savoury filling bases

    Here are 5 reasons why we feel these pockets can be the right food solution for corporate employees.

    Easy to carry – With most corporates being spread across cities, employees have to spend a lot of time negotiating traffic while travelling to and from office, and attending client meetings. They want food that they can carry easily and consume while on the go. Pockets are convenient; a person can easily grab one from the office and have it while travelling in a car, bus or train. It is a simple item with no gravy to drip and create a mess.

    Helps break monotony – A pocket can have innumerable options for fillings – savoury and sweet. Fillings can range from chhole to cheesy chicken, noodles, vegetable mix, kheema, tikkis and more. Innovation can truly make the pockets interesting and new every day. There is no way that a person can feel bored of having a pocket.
    Global advantage – Most corporate employees are well-travelled and knowledgeable about global cuisine. They look forward to an enjoyable food experience all the time. They aspire for food at par with the tempting cuisine available in restaurants outside the office. Pockets can give them the Mexican, Italian or Chinese flavour that they desire. At the same time, the traditional Indian can opt for homely fillings. Being spoilt for options, an employee can enjoy a fusion of East and West as per desire.
    Keeps hunger at bay – Although employees want something to grab and go, they also want this food to be filling enough to satiate their hunger for a few hours. They might want to carry this food item home to suffice as dinner also. Since pockets are made of healthy dough while the fillings inside are any veg or non-veg item, they can keep a person satisfied for at least 2-3 hours or even more.
    Great quality at super-competitive prices – Corporate employees can now savour the exclusive #ChefAjayChopra curated signature pockets at competitive prices, not available at any other retail outlet outside the corporate premises. They get premium quality, great variety at almost half the estimated market price.


    “Pack-a-pocket presents an innovative and exciting food truck experience to the foodies inside the corporate cafeterias. It can be categorized as an ‘All-Day’ food and it fits accurately into Sodexo’s exclusive food hall ‘Foodiverse’ concept. I have always been inspired by the way Sodexo has constantly kept its ears to the ground and evolved with the changing food requirements of its consumers and introduced newer concepts on a regular basis. It has been a pleasure to work with the food giant in brainstorming, developing and launching Pack-a-pocket together,” says Chef Ajay Chopra.
    ‘Pack a Pocket’ by Chef Ajay Chopra, is a manifestation of Sodexo’s ongoing commitment towards enhancing Quality of Life of its consumers and giving more newer and contemporary food options. It is an extension of Foodiverse – Sodexo’s innovative food hall, that gives every employee the advantage of variety, engagement, convenience and experience. Pack a pocket has started its operations with its first kiosk at Capgemini, and Sodexo looks forward to introducing it soon, at other corporate workplaces across India.

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