Five-Point Eating

Published on : 4/7/23
  • Five-Point Eating

    In the fast-tracked life that everyone from adults to children lead today, there is barely any time left for physical activities or give attention to health. While adults are stressed with travel and work, children are occupied with school, classes and tuitions. Whether it is the school campus, college environment, a manufacturing unit or workplace, it has become even more important that nutrition, a major aspect of health, be taken care of for one’s wellness. This is where organizations like Sodexo, which provide comprehensive employee services come into the picture. Sodexo caters to the nutritional requirements of consumers within institutions and organisations; we understand how crucial employee health and students’ wellness is, and our expert dieticians design the menus accordingly to meet all nutritional requirements.

    Our five nuggets for a healthier you are as follows: -

    • Eat a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

    Fruits and vegetables are rich in dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals and are sources of phytochemicals that function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents while also boosting immunity. Consuming more fibre is associated with a decreased risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease. Our menus are engineered to include more native produce, seasonal fruits and farm fresh vegetables to provide the right nourishment. Dieticians also recommend half of the plate be filled with fruits and vegetables.

    • Hydrate!

    One must make a conscious effort to reach out for water and healthy drinks instead of sugar-sweetened drinks. Staying hydrated is essential to maintain energy levels and brain function. Lack of water impacts physical performance, may cause headaches and lead to irritability. The multiple benefits of consuming healthy drinks that contain ginger, turmeric and other fruits and vegetables that aid in detox and cleansing can be harnessed using numerous tasty recipes. Now, healthy can also be tasty by making the right mix in the concoctions that help one with a detox as well as hydration and keeps one’s energy levels up through the day

    • Portion control

    Avoiding a second serving helps to keep those calories in check. Avoid foods containing trans fats, refined grains, excess salt and sugar and eat more nutritious foods. Choosing smaller dinnerware and serve ware is a smart way to manage portion sizes. Discipline and awareness is also crucial while controlling portion size. One can also choose to eat right by choosing the right package size during food shopping. Onsite, we offer food in right portion sizes, combos and supplement it with our Waste Watch program to eliminate food waste across the value chain.

    • Switch to Whole Grains

    Consuming wholegrain meals like rolled oats, wholemeal bread, and brown rice can lower the chance of getting diabetes and heart disease. Because they make one feel full for a longer period of time and decrease the need for snacking, they can also aid with weight management. As an organisation, Sodexo works with the NGO partners like Sulabh to empower women from the villages of Sangamner and Ahmednagar, Maharashtra by training them in farming techniques to grow their own crops, feed their families and be financially independent. Most crops grown by them include whole grains and millets which are very rich in nutritional value. Also, their recipes are integrated into a system and taken in different environments from schools, colleges to the corporates where we work. Our food offerings, through our brands like Aarogyum, integrates whole grains in some recipes.

    • Eat Slowly. Eat Mindfully.

    One must focus on the food one eats. Savouring the flavours and smells and enjoying the taste of the food while chewing properly is an experience in itself. Eating slowly gives the brain the necessary time to realise that the stomach is full and so prevents one from overeating. It is always better to pay attention to what you eat, how much, when, why and where you eat.

    Although it takes time to acquire these five healthy eating behaviours, one must be patient. When we fail, we should persist rather than give up. No matter how tiny the changes are, they have a significant impact on health. So, with all of this and more, we wish everyone a healthy today and tomorrow because healthy food is all that we love, integrated with a love of food. And on this very important day, bust the myth that healthy is not tasty. Healthy can be tasty and it can also look after your health.

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