Be Part Of Something Greater

When you choose to work at Sodexo, you choose to be part of something greater; to make a difference to everyday lives of people around you. 

  • We believe our small actions can have a bigger impact towards creating better every day for everyone.
  • At Sodexo, you belong in a company that allows you to act with a purpose and thrive in your own way. 
  • Trust us, you can make a big change in the lives of people around you just like our teams on ground.

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With Us, You Truly Belong

At Sodexo, you belong in a company that values you for you; where you are treated fairly, with respect and can be yourself. Here your ideas matter, your opinion counts, and your perspectives are given due consideration irrespective of your race, caste, background, ethnicity, sexuality, gender identity or disability. Our strong inclusive culture gives you the freedom to carry your authentic selves to work every day. 
It is only when you are happy, you can make others happy around you. 

With Us, You Can Rightfully Act With A Purpose

At Sodexo, you are encouraged to make a difference to the local community and pave the way towards a brighter sustainable future through your everyday actions.

Each day we strive towards uplifting the society by reducing environmental pollution, food waste and giving back to the community by volunteering with our Stop Hunger Foundation.  

Spread smiles and cheer with your work and see the magic of happiness unfold.

Positive Impact

With Us, You Can Freely Thrive In Your Own Way

At Sodexo, you get the complete opportunity to perform and grow in your own way. You have the best tools at your disposal, the flexibility to learn and develop new skills and unravel your potential in a whole new way. Here you get every possible support and opportunity to maintain a healthy work-life balance.  For us, the safety and well-being of the employee is paramount.


We Are #OneSodexo

Join us and be part of a positive working culture that appreciates, acknowledges, and accredits your efforts along with nurturing your emotional & physical well-being.

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At Sodexo India, we hail from diverse backgrounds, have different beliefs and varied skill sets, but all of us are bound together by one ideology – to enhance the Quality of Life, consistently and harmoniously.

By joining us, you will be respected for what you are, and can work amidst a truly inclusive environment. You will have endless opportunities for personal and professional growth. Apply now or Drop your CV for later. You can also reach us at our Toll free no 18001024363

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