With a deep-founded passion for food right from childhood, and a keen interest in learning and experimenting with new recipes along with his very first mentor – his mother, Chef Aman Pawar has come a long way in establishing newer and innovative grounds in the culinary universe at Sodexo.

The sight of my mother cooking and the aroma of the spices emanating from the kitchen always fascinated me. I already knew that I loved everything about food but was clueless about where and how to begin. That’s when I decided to start learning the basic nuances of cooking, the small but intricate details from my mother, from the comfort of my very own kitchen. Ever since I peeled that first potato, stirred those colorful veggies in fragrant spices, and plated the most treasured dish for my family at dinner, I have known and loved only one dream; to live my passion and become a chef.

You don't just cook food, you create lasting impressions

And I am glad I became one! The world of food is amazing. To someone, it might just be a meal but to a chef; it is love served on a plate. To be able to play around with ingredients and experiment with delectable flavors is nothing short of pure magic! I feel the best way to celebrate food is by choosing healthy elements to whip up a dish that not only delights your taste buds but also nourishes your body. An ode to the International Year of Millets, my dish, Healthy Citrus Aquafaba Salad Bowl does just that. It combines health, nutrition, and taste in the most sustainable manner and weaves magic all along the way! I especially enjoy cooking this dish as it soothes my senses every time and refreshes me to no end. And that’s where I draw inspiration from, experimenting with a recipe, finding out ways to make it healthier and more delicious each time I make it.

I believe cooking is not just a skill, it is a passionate art form that requires patience and love. Because you don’t just cook food, you create lasting impressions!

With a background of more than 14 years of rich culinary experience across esteemed star-grade hotels, QSRs, and Cloud Kitchens, Chef Aman is associated with Sodexo as a Brand Chef for retail food offers, Oh My Gully & PindStop at Bangalore.

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