With a deep affinity to the sensory world of food, Chef Pravin always had the knack of whipping up something fresh and comforting to soothe the taste buds of his family. Realizing that he must venture into the professional realm of the culinary world, he rightly donned the chef hat and has been successfully serving happiness and love ever since!

Round rotis intrigued me.

I wondered how my mother managed to roll out those perfectly shaped round rotis, every single time! As a child, I would always hover around the kitchen, expecting to grab a chance to help my mother. While other kids played outside, I would be busy learning the little secrets of cooking, unraveling the subtle details that can make a dish stand out. As I grew up, my passion for food also grew. I loved everything about food, and being drawn towards the culinary universe was no surprise. Thereon, I decided to pursue my passion professionally and serve dishes that speak just one language – love!

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The love of food is powerful. The fact that my food can light up a sad face, add sparkles to a dull day, or simply provide someone with the soothing comfort of being in a ‘home away from home’ delights me to no end. I believe if you’re in a good mood, you can always cook good food! And that’s what I do while cooking; I sing or listen to my favorite track. It invariably results in great food coming out of your kitchen! I also stick to recipes that give out a vibe of healthy deliciousness, a combination of ingredients that are wholesome as well as tasty. Trust me, it is possible. My dish – Silken Pad Thai is my personal favorite in the ‘healthy deliciousness’ category. Using tender coconut strips as noodles, I have given an innovative twist to the regular Pad Thai and whipped up something nutritious and tasty. A delectable surprise and a content smile; these two have been my constant rewards each time I have cooked and served this dish.

Elizabeth Briggs rightly said, “Chefs don't make mistakes; they make new dishes”. I echo this sentiment completely and feel that the world of food is miraculous, and a chef truly has the power to work wonders!

With more than 13 years of diverse culinary experience across several esteemed domestic and international brands, Chef Pravin is associated with Sodexo as a Chef Manager for the entire West region.

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