I believe that failure is not about falling but making a fresh start.

Sodexo gave me a fresh start in life. It is my second year in Sodexo, and I am thankful for the opportunities I received. My life is not just a story of blessings. I have gone through a bad phase like many. But I believe that it is these challenging periods that have made me who I am today. 

My family has been supportive right from start. I studied till HSC. Then I had to look out for jobs to support my family. They married me to a good husband. All seemed well until I met with an accident. As they say, you only get to know the true nature of your loved ones in your worst moments. When I met with the accident, my husband was not kind to me. Rather than choosing to gain the sympathy of people around me, I decided to fight my battles. As soon as I healed, I started looking for a job. An acquaintance suggested I apply at Sodexo. 

This company opened a whole new world for me. My peers and seniors were not just kind, but they also took efforts to understand my background and coached me at work. I love the work I do at Sodexo. I’m part of the housekeeping team, and my responsibility is dishwashing, kitchen cleaning and more. 

What I like the most about this place is that it has offered me a lot of learning and growth personally. I remember when my husband and I couldn’t afford our kid’s school fees, we ran the risk of keeping him away from school. But somehow, I mustered courage and self-belief, and we got him admitted to another school with a lower fee. 

When the pandemic struck and offices were working for a few days, Sodexo would make sure to offer me work at different client locations. When work stopped completely for some time, I decided to design Diwali diyas and mehndi to keep my family afloat. I took work from different avenues and trained a few women in designing diyas.

I realise that work just doesn’t make one feel financially independent but also makes one confident and courageous to face life with a smile. This has been my learning at Sodexo. Rise and fight. 

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