Working at Sodexo makes me feel valued, happy and safe.


Equal opportunity means empowerment

I've been part of the Sodexo family since 2018. Through all these years, never once I felt differently abled. My seniors have always supported me, respected me, treated me fairly and equally, and encouraged me to reach my full potential.

In the world out there, at times, people like me may feel outnumbered or overwhelmed or powerless by the perfectly abled majority. But my experience at Sodexo has empowered me to think that the ‘differently-abled me’ is capable of making big things happen. I may be the minority, but I am the impactful minority.

Sodexo catapults me every day to make my influence felt at work.

Belongingness makes the difference

Sodexo makes me feel part of the team. This feeling is more than being acquainted with the other employees. It is centred on being accepted and receiving the same attention and support as extended to all.

It’s exalting to know that I’m an equal contributor as my peers to Sodexo’s mission. My work kindles in me a sense of independence. I feel connected with everyone. There is no sympathy but oodles of empathy and encouragement. Such vibrancy in thought suffuses me with enough passion and enthusiasm to come to work every day. 

To me, work at Sodexo is not merely doing a job. I feel that I make a difference in someone’s life. When people at my workplace (Hindustan Unilever Limited) compliment me or appreciate me for my work, I feel worthy. This is the secret to my successful stay at Sodexo

Sodexo’s relentless support and their confidence in me makes me thrive; makes me feel purposeful.

Feedback, motivation, appreciation. Repeat.

After completing my studies at the Jay Vakil Foundation, I joined Sodexo. I was tasked to serve at a cement major company as a pantry boy. Pleased with my dedication, I was given the responsibility of a Housekeeping personnel. Currently, I serve HUL and fulfil all the responsibilities assigned to me.

One of the many wonderful aspects of working at Sodexo is that my seniors give me constructive feedback. Such rounded feedback comprises appreciation as well as an action plan to strengthen my areas of improvement. I feel motivated to learn more unrestrictedly. I feel free to be myself at work and satiate my curiosity. A combination of all these factors makes me look forward to excelling at work.

I feel elated when my supervisor admires me for my observation skills and my commitment to work. I’m indebted to him for supporting me in my journey.

I recount one of the many pleasant memories at work. In 2019, in an event jointly organised by Sodexo and HUL, I was given the opportunity to share my work experience at Sodexo. This event was attended by the Sodexo India leadership team and some of the HUL directors. Such visibility and the appreciation I received thereafter made my chest swell with pride. This memory is just one of the many things that make my workplace seem like another family to me.

Sodexo doesn’t only inculcate work-related technical skills. It helps their employees gain soft skills and some intangible learnings that help them lead their life confidently. Just as a pinch of salt adds to a meal’s flavour, Sodexo adds that unmatched value to my life, lending it purpose and dignity.

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