Working At Sodexo Is About Nourishing My

I am always a ‘learner’ and want to explore newer ways of working. Sodexo backs my interest always.

Blooming, not just learning, beyond barriers.

Throughout my career at Sodexo, I have met and interacted with charismatic leaders - leaders who have motivated me to unleash my best potential!

I consider myself fortunate enough to have encountered talented, inspiring, and enthusiastic managers and colleagues, whom I have always found committed towards excellence.

I joined Sodexo as Assistant Manager HR in 2010 and have moved up the ladder to Head the C&B Function for Sodexo India in 2021. At present, I am double hatting as APAC C&B Specialist since January 2022

My work role has opened new vistas to opportunities and advancement. I have had the opportunity to manage key stakeholders and progressive managers with an inclination toward development and career progression. But this growth had not have been possible had my work mentor not helped me overcome my career hurdle.

I had a fear of public speaking and delivering presentations. But my mentor guided me well, giving me ample opportunities. Not just this, he also made sure that I receive timely counseling regarding the areas that I lack in. I now practice my presentations before meetings. Reading the white paper and relevant business reports and journals also helps me improve my skills as an HR professional and gives me confidence. This is a fine example of how Sodexo empowers its employees to transform themselves.

My mantra of ‘Never Say Never’ catalysed my growth

I attribute my success to my love for challenges, the thrill, the work, the people and to Sodexo. This organisation offers one of the most collaborative work cultures I have ever experienced. The patience and focus on employee experience, the willingness to understand their issues and provide timely support are some of the key factors why I would recommend Sodexo as the perfect workplace to anyone. It is these reasons that have catapulted my career.

My work mantra of ‘Never say Never’ towards role enlargement or new opportunities has acted like a catalyst in my career here. I thoroughly enjoy my work, which is why I never feel any pressure even while working for long hours during peak periods.

At Sodexo, it’s not just work-work-work. One also gets rewarded. I find my work experience here tremendously rewarding in terms of both learning and career progression. My role comprises a blend of strategic outlook and calibration of critical processes, which certifies timely value addition to our employees, thereby upholding employee morale and retention and the experience is truly gratifying.

My journey has been extremely enriching with a lot of learning and career fulfilment opportunities and not only have I grown as a professional but also as an individual here.

Employee well-being is a priority at Sodexo

To quote my personal experience; my family & I cannot thank the Sodexo family enough. When the pandemic hit us badly and my husband was critically ill and admitted to hospital for two months, the entire Sodexo team supported me enormously, both financially and emotionally. At that time, the company ensured that my well-being was taken care of in the most adequate way possible.

Our employee-friendly and progressive benefits policies ensure that employees are supported in every phase of their life cycle right from parental leaves, health insurance, hybrid work and flexible work arrangements, microloans, EAP support, and life cover, to name a few.

Sodexo’s workplace environment is centred on making all employees feel secure and positive, stirring respect for everyone.

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