Sodexo’s way of work makes it unique. It has an employee-friendly culture and a mission-oriented business.

Igniting employee commitment with connectedness

I have been part of Sodexo since 2015. Throughout my tenure, one of the most notable aspects of the organisation, which I have observed, is its care for employees. At Sodexo, the spirit of family is manifested in the way people value each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, praise more, critique constructively, communicate freely and respect each other’s opinions and thought process. There is truly a sense of togetherness in the air.

To me, Sodexo is a fellowship of people. A kind of fellowship that has a focus on shared values. All employees’ values align with the organisation’s values of loyalty, transparency, integrity and respect for people. This is why all of us experience a sense of connectedness that is similar to working in a supportive family. And, true to any knitted family, all its members will be unified in their efforts and commitment towards common goals.

During the initial days of the pandemic, I was at the work site in a hospital. The hospital occupancy rate was 100% There was mayhem all around.Back then, my entire team regardless of our designation carried all tasks, as and when needed. I worked as a server, utility worker, and an assistant as a Sodexo representative. The entire Sodexo team lived up to the organisation’s belief of rising to challenges every day to improve the lives of people and communities.

Igniting employee growth with opportunities

In today’s age, people anticipate working for multiple companies throughout their careers more than ever and demand an enriching experience at every stage. Employees expect an array of opportunities to elevate their careers, such as learning interventions, fruitful work projects, a flexible workplace, and purpose at work. Sodexo offers all of these aspects.

In my journey at Sodexo, my leadership always set clarity about goals, the value of my contribution and the larger potential of success. Such attitude has helped me achieve focus, alignment, and motivation to date.

One of the stories worth sharing is of the time when the leadership team identified my potential to take on challenging responsibilities. They enrolled me in a programme called Contract Management Operations And Excellence (CMOE). This opportunity not only broadened my professional vistas but also stimulated me to grow further within the organisation. The learning was fruitful, engaging and unique. Moreover, I was also awarded the silver medal for business effectiveness.

Sodexo understands that it is the employees who make a company. Talent growth spurs individual commitment. Team spirit fuels company success.

Igniting employee engagement with humanity

Sodexo’s culture reflects its mission, the leaders and the teams. Two threads tie the employees to Sodexo. One is the company’s focus on ensuring diversity and inclusivity within teams. The other is the company’s employee-centric policies.

Sodexo acknowledges that diverse people bring unique experiences, observations, and practices, which they can contribute in meaningful ways to the organisation. Differences can be channelled to work as a stimulus for success.

Sodexo has always stressed the safety and well-being of employees. When I speak of well-being at work, I’m referring to holistic well-being. One of the marked aspects of this policy at Sodexo is offering work opportunities to employees bearing in mind their adaptability. The organisation’s HR team takes efforts to understand employees’ domestic priorities too and offers Flexi Hours or part-time work opportunities across verticals and roles. This is one of the many reasons why people love working at Sodexo and advocate the organisation as the right place to work and advance their careers.

At Sodexo, people are driven by commitment and bonded by care.

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