Sodexo’s work culture makes the difference 

Sodexo’s work culture is remarkably different in contrast to many organisations globally. Our leadership is persistent in building a culture of empathy and empowerment, which is willing to hear and accept diverse perspectives. This humane approach unlocks people’s creativity, productivity and happiness, and drives business profitability.

Sodexo leads with clarity 

At Sodexo, clarity is visible in messaging and leadership style. We ensure that our values and purpose are reflected in all we do, right to the grassroots level. Our objective of creating a better every day for everyone to build a better life for all is a reality. 

The leadership is mindful of the bigger picture and finding meaning in the chaos. They ask themselves and drive down questions, such as ‘Where does the organisation fit in this evolved world’ and ‘What strategies must we take to make us relevant and purposeful in the times to come.’

In 2021, I was part of a team that was flown to Bengaluru for a high-stakes client presentation. This team comprised employees across different functions. On the night before D-day, we had to incorporate significant and time-consuming revisions in our presentation. This last-minute work didn’t deter the team at all. They didn’t need any pep talk to take on this challenge. They burnt the midnight oil before the presentation. Even though we didn’t win the pitch, the outcome didn’t impact the team’s morale as we are aligned to the greater picture of Sodexo’s goals for all our subsequent pitches and work challenges. This commitment can result consistently only if the team is clear and convinced about the organisation’s purpose and values.

Sodexo leads with candour

I appreciate Sodexo’s transparency and open communication with stakeholders and employees. 

Speaking of employees, the leadership is proactive and mindful of their people’s growth. They track employees’ careers meticulously and are vocal about their strengths, areas of improvement and accomplishments. This way of working drives employee productivity tremendously. I have had the opportunity to participate in mentorship programmes that have helped me become a better version of myself professionally. 

One of the most striking aspects of working at Sodexo is the leadership’s willingness to listen to its employees. My work role requires me to stay buzzed with ideas and strategies to drive teams and the organisation on the path of growth consistently. And, whenever I’m up with an idea, however radical it may be, the management ensures that I’m heard. They will discuss the idea before accepting or rejecting it and offer constructive feedback. 

The leadership’s openness and honesty have been instrumental in my professional success.

Speaking of stakeholders and clients, the organisation is mindful of following Best Practices, industry standards and compliances consistently in every business opportunity, even for a single day. It is an industry-wide understanding that Sodexo will not participate in any opportunity that risks people's safety or doesn’t reflect its mission, purpose and ethos. 

Sodexo has got its business priorities right. This candour not only has a positive impact on performance but it also builds brand value within the industry and at large.

Sodexo leads with compassion

We have always focused on supporting the well-being of our employees. During the pandemic, our leaders would connect virtually with teams and ensure employees have the needed support. Despite the business revenues slipping considerably, they chose not to accentuate anxiety but emphasised only employee health and wellbeing. 

In the post-pandemic days, we were one of the first in the industry to adopt a blended approach at work. Our new workplace in Mumbai is a testament to Sodexo’s commitment to enhancing the workplace experience.

This compassionate approach is indicative of Sodexo’s goal of growing responsibly. Moreover, it helps people feel confident, capable and fulfilled and builds their commitment towards the organisation for the future.

Having travelled around the world, collaborated with multinational teams and served at several organisations, I believe Sodexo has consciously positioned itself as an organisation that supports wellbeing at work. This is a welcome change in the industry. And I’m glad that Sodexo is spearheading this change.

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