Working At Sodexo Fuels My Motivation Every Day

A stellar journey

I began my career in Sodexo as a steward. Thereafter, I gained experience in many verticals, namely Healthcare Operations, Education Services and Corporate Services. With time, I headed the Healthcare Operations of South India and took a leadership role in Corporate Services. I’m extremely proud to be part of such a forward-centric and employee-friendly organisation as Sodexo. 

Employee empowerment drives employee engagement

Sodexo believes in boosting team efficiency by giving complete ownership and freedom to the employees. The organisation’s work culture adds to the workforce’s confidence level and skills through experiential learning experiences. Not just this, the leadership eliminates micro-management so that employees can take sound decisions at work and become more accountable. 

“Sodexo’s learning and development interventions have helped me stay ahead of the curve in the market. Some of my memorable moments at Sodexo have been of the times when the senior leadership recognised me for my accomplishments and my long-standing service in the organisation.”

One of the aspects of Sodexo that I appreciate the most is the organisation’s practice to offer constructive feedback to the teams so that they can learn better and faster, and stay productive. In our line of business, we need to be mindful of our clients’ environment and take proactive steps to retain the client wow. Regular employee feedback has motivated me to excel at work. Gradually, I began taking greater responsibility at work and was also recognised for my contribution to driving business.

Sodexo talks about progress. It is the daily experiences of its employees that ultimately help the organisation drive impact and improve the quality of life of our clients every day. The joy that I derive from recognition at work also spreads into my personal life making me feel purposeful and important.

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