Having been a part of Sodexo for more than 20 years, it is difficult to define just one memorable experience.

When I stepped into Sodexo (then Radhakrishna Hospitality Services), as a qualified Company Secretary I had about two years of working experience. The work environment was positive, and I was assigned the additional responsibility of supporting the business with the commercial contracts in RKHS. My zeal for my work led me to become a part of the core team working on the transaction related to the acquisition of RKHS by Sodexo in 2009. My career flourished and six years later, I became the in-house legal counsel with overall legal responsibility for Sodexo in India. Post-marriage I continued my education for an additional post-graduation degree in law along with motherhood. On the work front, I learnt that I could thrive further in my career when one more significant responsibility came my way, and I began working with the Sodexo group team on strategic multi-country accounts and began supporting other countries in the APAC region.

Thanks to a supportive family at home and the flexibility provided by Sodexo, I have been able to strike a good work-life balance which has always been important to me. It is something I want not just for myself but for my team and also for my clients. It is a continuous effort that I am proud to say that Sodexo supports wholeheartedly.

I believe that for someone to thrive in their workplace, there must be a conducive environment and continuous dialogue around aspirations and milestones in one’s life that impact career paths. Especially in a society where a woman is perceived to have more responsibilities than those that are limited to the office, one would do well to assess every opportunity with responsibilities of personal life. In my case, having a periodic dialogue with my manager has helped me in driving my career path. In my early years at Sodexo, I always felt I could achieve more. Then came a period of stability and yet again I wanted to be challenged. Each time that I asked for more in terms of tasks or projects or assignments, I got it. I think it’s a dialogue that must happen from both sides. If the organization and the management, see that you are keen and you have the potential then the dialogue helps you get to the next level in your career and that’s how you grow, and this is a great place to grow. I am someone who can vouch for that because I have grown here and today, I am proud to be the General Counsel, Legal at Sodexo India.

At Sodexo, I am rewarded with respect. That is my ultimate reward.

Another important factor for someone to thrive at work is well-being and safety. When security is guaranteed and no one, whether it’s a woman or a man, feels threatened by anyone whatsoever, the workplace becomes a haven for productive minds, as I observe in my workplace. I have learned that the number of hours that you spend inside your workplace is not demonstrative of how effective you are at work. I think Sodexo also believes in that, which is why Sodexo promotes flexibility. In our organization, it’s not only because of COVID-19 that flexibility became the norm. It was followed even before the virus outbreak happened. As a matter of fact, as a new mother, I was one of the first few people in Sodexo who asked for flexible work hours and got it without any questions asked. It was a sensitive time for me, and I appreciate the timely support from Sodexo.

Sodexo believes that well-being is of primary importance to ensure that employees can give their best at work.

Overall, Sodexo has played a great role in ensuring my well-being on this front. I look forward to working in the progressive environment at Sodexo where mutual respect and integrity are valued.

To all my colleagues, I would like to say, “Women are strong. We do not need to do things differently to prove ourselves. Our work speaks for what we are capable of doing”.

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