Diversity and Inclusion: our areas of focus

As the leader in Quality of Life services, Sodexo views diversity and inclusion as key development priorities. Through partnerships, awareness and development initiatives such as mentoring and employee networks, we foster a culture that embraces differences and celebrates unique talents. By making us stronger, more innovative and closer to our consumers, diversity becomes a driver of competitiveness and economic performance.

Team meeting (525 x 165)

Sodexo hires and trains employees from four different generations from young people to seniors. Each of these age groups has different expectations and demands, and at Sodexo, we make an honest effort to gain a clear understanding of their needs. Senior managers are equipped with the skill-sets and techniques needed to handle cross-generational communications problems, manage conflict and maximise performance. By letting each member know that they are a valued part of the team, we teach our employees to respect each other for their unique contributions. This fosters positive work environment, allowing each employee to share and maximise their individual experiences and creativity. We aim to excel in whatever we do to serve our clients and customers best and it cannot be achieved without the experience and wisdom of seniors or the zest and enthusiasm of young professionals.

Key figures

3,783 million euro in revenues

21 of Group revenues

93,106 employees

5,554 sites

(Source: Sodexo, FY 2014, Education services)