Nutrition, health and wellness

As a global player in foodservices, Sodexo has considerable influence on the eating habits of more than 50 million people around the world.
To promote health and wellness, we offer solutions by proposing a wholesome, well-balanced diet with reduced intake of fats, sugar and salt.

Varied and balanced food options

We are committed to providing and promoting healthy, balanced food options at all our clients’ sites by 2012.

Vitality offer

In Europe, Sodexo's Vitality offer, developed for company restaurants in 2006, is now available at 500 sites in Europe. Adapted to the varying tastes of each country, the offer is designed to raise consumer awareness about the importance of a healthy, balanced diet and thereby contribute to people’s general well-being. 


Healthwise is Sodexo's nutrition, well-being and lifestyle philosophy that symbolises our commitment to promoting healthy living. Our team of dietitians and development chefs are committed to ensuring our dishes are nutritionally balanced. We work in partnership with clients to promote our initiatives and we educate our employees about health and well-being so they can share their knowledge with customers.


The new premium foodservices offer, Origo, responds to heightened consumer interest in sustainability, ethical food sourcing and improved health and well-being, emphasizing fresh, highquality, seasonal produce, fair-trade sourcing and recyclable packaging. Origo’s outstanding menu creativity won Sodexo the 2010 Menu Innovation and Development Award (MIDAS).

School Kitchen gardens project

In 2011, Sodexo started to provide schools across the United Kingdom with grow-your-own kitchen gardens in partnership with Rocket Gardens, a supplier of organic vegetable and herb plants. Schools receive a box full of baby organic vegetables, fruit and herb plants ready to be gardened. It is a fun and effective way to encourage people to question where the food they eat comes from. With 50 schools gardens today, the project will expand to benefit more than 200 schools within the next months.

Our Physical Wellness Offers

Health wellness
To cope with the stress of modern living, rising healthcare costs, the growing trend towards more corporate responsibility, Sodexo offers a wide range of Wellness programs that contribute to increase people’s performance by enhancing their well-being.