Customer Grievance

All our stakeholders - Client, Merchant & Consumer can reach to us through below mentioned different mediums:

Mode Stakeholders Details Operating Hours




1800 103 3030
1800 267 3030
8:30 am to 12:00 am , 365 days a year
Mail Consumer  
Courier Consumer, Merchant and Client Sodexo SVC India Pvt. Ltd.
503 & 504, 5th Floor, B Wing, Hiranandani Fulcrum, Sahar Road
Andheri East, Mumbai 400 099
8:30 am to 12:00 am , 365 days a year
Website Consumer, Merchant and Client  

Recording & Tracking of complaints

  • Any complaints through any channel other than received directly into the software must be manually entered in the software by the Customer Service Officer. All emails will be auto-acknowledged by the software where the reply will directly go to the email ID from which the compliant is received. In other cases, the acknowledgment can be sent to an email ID, if provided in the complaint, or printed and sent manually to the complainant.
  • All complaints will be registered in a central complaints management system of SSVC. Complaints will be assigned a unique reference number which will be communicated to the complainant. In case the resolution needs additional time, an interim response shall be sent to the complainant. All the complaints received in India must be lodged in customer management system and assigned to respective groups for resolution. 

Please see below for the TAT (Turnaround time) chart for customer grievance resolution

Query/Complaint/Classification Turn Around Time Remarks
Order Related/Digital Solutions 2 - 4 Days Queries/Complaints pertaining to technical/processing/servicing issues faced for order processing, activating cards
Transaction Related 15 - 25 Days Unsuccessful POS transactions
  1 -2 Days Drop in network
  7 - 10 Days Cases of chargeback when transaction is not successful
Deliverables 3 - 7 Days Queries / Complaints pertaining to dispatch status of various deliverables - card, voucher, envelope, pick up from affiliates
Accounts Related 4 - 7 Days Queries/Complaints from client
Pricing 15 - 20 Days Overcharging, reduction in charges, card cancellation charges, other etc.

In case your queries or complaints are not getting resolved within the defined TAT,
you can write to Arindam Sarkar at

Click here for the Hindi Version of Customer Grievance Policy