Benefits and Rewards Services

We understand the strategic challenges faced by our clients and our offers provide tangible responses, with quantifiable results such as improved employee engagement and retention.Our services respond to our clients’ diverse challenges:


Recruiting, retaining and increasing the motivation of employees

Employee Benefits help companies optimize their HR strategy through customized, economically and fiscally beneficial responses, enabling them to increase their attractiveness. Our services facilitate daily life for employees, promote work-life balance and enable them to dedicate themselves fully to their work.

Motivating teams to achieve quantitave or qualitative objectives

With our Incentive and Recognition programs, companies have access to customized tools to boost sales, manage partners network and reward employee’s efforts and commitments.They enable easy and efficient management of stimulation programs for motivating teams, recognizing and rewarding commitment and strengthening their sense of belonging. Ultimately, they help companies to achieve their goals and thus contribute to improving their performance.

Benefits & Rewards Services


Key figure

751 million euro in revenues

4 of Group revenues

425,000 clients (excluding individuals)

4,054 employees

(Source: Sodexo, FY 2014, Benefits and Rewards services)

Sodexo Merchant Network


Sodexo Merchant Network is spread across 1,500 cities and over 25,000 outlets