Employee Benefits

We Design, Manage and Deliver customized Benefits and Rewards Services for our 10,000 clients across industry verticals to address the needs of 2.5 million beneficiaries.Learn more about our Benefits and Rewards Services.

The 100% tax compliant digital Meal Benefit Solution that’s accepted at best-in-class eateries and grocery stores across 1,500+ cities nationwide.

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NFC-enabled Meal Benefit Solution that reduces queues in office cafeterias and enhances productivity at work.

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A unique Meal Benefit Solution designed for usage in restaurants and eateries nationwide.

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Our expertise in Benefits and Rewards Services enables us to offer an overall approach to improving our clients' Quality of Life.

Learn more about our Benefits and Rewards Services.

Benefits & Rewards Services

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Key figures

751 million euro in revenues

4 of Group revenues

425,000 clients (excluding individuals)

4,054 employees

(Source: Sodexo, FY 2014, Benefits and Rewards services)

Sodexo Merchant Network


Sodexo Merchant Network is spread across 1,500 cities and over 25,000 outlets