On-site Services

Sodexo’s comprehensive, integrated solutions cover a wide range of services from construction to reception, sterilization of medical equipment, cleaning, foodservices and technical services. Our On-site Services are available in four client segments:

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People perform better in a pleasant working environment. Sodexo designs, manages and delivers solutions for clients to improve daily life in the workplace and to help employees to be more efficient.

Health Care

Sodexo has become the long-term strategic partner of many healthcare organisations by designing, managing and delivering a range of services which allow our clients to focus on delivering excellent patient care.


Quality of Life in education means an environment where students of all ages take pride in achieving academic honors, completing homework, essays or their dissertations, and excelling in sports and activities.

Remote Sites

For 45 years, Sodexo has been supporting those who live and work in extreme conditions, often in isolated locations. Sodexo has developed service solutions for remote sites to meet our clients’ needs for comfort, safety and well being at each stage of their projects.

Sports & Leisure

Recognized across the globe for its art of hospitality, even under the most challenging circumstances.


India milestones

World’s Most Admired Companies 2013 logoSodexo is the most admired company in its sector according to Fortune Magazine's 2013 corporate reputation survey.