Sodexo understands that operational excellence, productivity and safety are of paramount importance to our clients. By partnering with Sodexo, our clients experience an organization with corporate strength and flexibility to anticipate needs and creatively provide the best solutions for the challenges they face, allowing them to focus on their core business.

At Sodexo, we provide integrated facilities management services that cover your people, processes, equipment and infrastructure. We drive efficiencies and synergies between services, helping you to run your business better. We self deliver most services, which allows us to be quick to anticipate needs and demonstrate greater responsiveness in the delivery of our services.

Sodexo provides complete range of hard and soft services using state-of-the-art management and technology platforms. Our cleaning teams undertake nationally accredited operational and customer skills training to ensure we meet the cleaning standards you’ve come to expect.

In addition to delivering quality cleaning and housekeeping services, we also service high-risk, secure environments and public access areas to the required standard, typically healthcare facilities needing infection control, targeted cleaning in schools etc.

More services

Reception services

Your organisation's reception area represents the frontline of your business reputation; a good first impression is crucial.

Grounds maintenance services

Creating and maintaining clean, safe and cared for exterior areas is the core element of Sodexo’s ground maintenance services and landscaping services

SALUS : our global Health and Safety platform

Salus is Sodexo's global, multi-lingual, web-based platform, where our people around the world share experiences to improve health and safety. 

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