Reception services

Reception services

Your organisation's reception area represents the frontline of your business reputation; a good first impression is crucial. Sodexo's highly trained and proactive reception teams will ensure that visitors to your office receive a highly favourable impression through their professional, attentive and warm welcome.

We consider dealing with visitor needs quickly and professionally and providing a courteous greeting as vital to our reception services. We are essentially the face of our clients’ businesses.

Using our experience in reception services alongside customer and client research, we have developed a first-class service that you would be proud to call your own.

Maintaining a high level of quality

Sodexo regularly trains its reception teams to develop and maintain a high level of human relations skills. Day after day, we guarantee that our standards are properly applied and continually refined to optimize the quality of our service. Our teams act as the interface between the company and the outside: we manage our clients’ switchboards, update their telephone directories, ensure access to their parking lots and take charge of receiving deliveries.

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Grounds maintenance services

Creating and maintaining clean, safe and cared for exterior areas is the core element of Sodexo’s ground maintenance services and landscaping services

Cleaning services

A clean environment ensures that the workplace is a pleasant and safe place for our clients, their employees and visitors.

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