Wellness services

Wellness services

Today, wellness is much more than a trend. It’s a critical part of everyone’s life and key to how a business can thrive by helping its people feel good and function at their best.

Wellness is a specialized offer by Sodexo that aims at improving the wellness, motivational and engagement levels of clients and employees in the Corporate segment.

Here are some features of Sodexo's Wellness program:

  • A holistic wellness offer for our clients.
  • Covers the Nutritional, Physical, Emotional and Environmental wellness needs of our clients’ and their employees.
  • Provides a well rounded wellness solution that is built on expertise and customised to the client's requirements.

  • A strong coach and reward framework to influence good lifestyle habits.

  • Measurable outcomes that start with a baseline followed by ongoing tracking of results.

  • To take care of physical wellbeing, we have partnered with Gold’s Gym, the largest chain of gyms in the world.

  • For emotional wellness, we have partnered with 1to1help.net, a pioneer and market leader of Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in India.

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