Campus management services

Campus management services

By focusing on Quality of Life Services, we reinforce the overall experience of campus life, which in turn improves our partners’ effectiveness and performance. 

Each student’s experience is at the core of our work. With that approach, our offers are built with a focus on innovation, excellent service, environmental focus, support for wellness and insights into student trends. Those are the building blocks to create truly exceptional student experiences.

Our engineers and technicians are responsible for project management from the design stage to the fittings and fixtures for classrooms, campus accommodations, gymnasiums, etc. Their expertise is especially in demand to design energy efficiency systems for buildings and interior organization and equipment.

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Nutrition and Wellness

At Sodexo, we believe a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, which is why we prioritise healthy eating at the schools in which we operate.

Integrity as a cornerstone

Sodexo commits to the highest standards of business integrity.