Camp design and construction

Camp design and construction

We design and build camps to receive hundreds of employees in remote areas, often under harsh conditions whether on a mine site in the artic or an oil & gas camp in the desert. They must be functional, comfortable, adaptable and environmentally friendly, regardless of location or climate.

Camp design

We design and build camps adapted to the various stages of your project life cycle, from exploration to construction and production. We work with you from the earliest stages of your project to help anticipate future challenges and customize camp designs depending on your budget, objectives and specific requirements.

We provide holistic camps solutions bringing livable and home comfort to harsh dwelling environments. Our experience of operating numerous camps worldwide will help to design a tailored solution that meets your objectives of attracting and retaining staff, cost efficiency and sustainability.

From design to operations

Our expertise include design and consultancy, project management, turnkey solutions and operations from mobile exploration camps to large villages and facilities.

Also discover how Oxygen Eco Village, an innovative, turnkey eco-friendly onshore camp solution enabling sustainability of your project, optimizes the cost of your operations and contributes to employee retention.

More services

A dedicated wellness program

Well Track is an incentives-based program that encourages your employees to get and stay in shape, both on the camp and during leave at home.

Being connected on the camp

Connect Me provides employees connectivity and support through Internet/Wifi, telephony and videoconference.

What we do for... Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot guests
Designing the hospitality packages, Sodexo teams bring them to life on the day, and controls all aspects from logistics to customer service. According to your imagination, our teams also build dedicated business and events, from the smallest gathering to a grand occasion. It is only a matter of creativity!