Technical Facilities Management

Technical Facilities Management

Sodexo operates more than 4,600 hospitals globally, ensuring technical services at operating theatres, ICUs and other critical areas are available 24 x 7 and operational any time when needed. We understand the criticality of business continuity in a mission critical environment and patient safety is always at the heart of all hospital operations.

Sodexo India maintains more than 45 hospitals throughout India. Our maintenance program focuses on preventive and predictive maintenance measures ensuring critical services uptime:

Our maintenance programs cover:

  • HVAC
  • HT Electrical Systems
  • LT Power Distribution & Lighting
  • DG Sets
  • UPS
  • Medical Gas Plant System
  • Air Compressor & Vacuum System
  • Fire & Life Safety Systems
  • IBMS
  • WTP- Distribution system  & STP

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