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Dear Business Leader, Greetings from Sodexo,

Sharing of HR Best Practices has been identified as one of the most prominent areas, to maximize organizational and individual efficiency.

Sodexo is the global leader in services that improve Quality of Life, an essential factor in individual and organizational performance. The objective of creating ‘HR Best Practices 2015 - Transforming the Thinking’ is to have collection of best practices that various organizations are using to keep their employees motivated and happy.

We work very closely with organizations to enhance the performance and engagement of their employees. We hope that you would find this initiative interesting and the book worth reading.

Sodexo Engage Newsletter is a prestigious initiative to share knowledge and best practices with HR Leaders and Decision makers. It is a quarterly newsletter that contains contribution from the industry experts and Success story from Sodexo. It has sections like:

  • HR Best Practices features an interaction with Human Resources Head

  • Global Insights - Innovative HR features

  • Quality of Life discusses the concept of happiness at the workplace

  • Work Matters section

  • The Executive Life gives the readers a peek into the life and career journey of Industry Leaders

  • Success Story based on Sodexo Services and offerings

Please click to download the Newsletters.

  1. Sodexo Engage - Sept 14

  2. Sodexo Engage - Dec 14

  3. Sodexo Engage - Feb 15 

  4. Sodexo Engage - May 15

  5. Sodexo Engage - Oct 15

  6. Sodexo Engage - Dec 15

  7. Sodexo Engage - Aug 16

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