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Food for Thought: Coffee - Building Connects and a Culture of Care

Published on : 10/1/19
  • On the occasion of International Coffee Day, sipping a cuppa, I thought, Can a lot really happen over coffee? Apparently, yes. In our pursuit of connecting coffee and people we stumbled upon incredible insights.

    Organisations today understand that in order to succeed, it is important for them to build environments that help motivate people and make them thrive. Social connections and having a friend at work, were important elements in building a culture where people collaborated, interacted and created great things together.

    What if breaking out of our individual work bubbles everyday only demanded a colleague and a cup of good coffee? Coffee is an ice-breaker; it is an enabler of thoughtful conversations amidst busy days packed with meetings. But we believe that Coffee can be more; a source of inspiration and impact.

    The growing trend points out to how the coffee culture is spiking in Indian cities that majorly comprises large workforces. FirstPost has identified India as one of the fastest growing coffee markets.

    Coffee: the enabler of better conversations

    Aspretto, Sodexo’s fair trade beverage service, is founded on the principle of creating a space that enables social interactions to help individuals feel relaxed. Research suggests that short breaks that included coffee led to an increase in productivity and social interactions. Coffee breaks help facilitate candid and even personal discussions, which are key in assisting a healthy and wellness oriented work culture, thereby ensuring sustained employee satisfaction.

    Another case study by the Institute of Scientific Information on Coffee, also revealed that coffee breaks were conducive in creating some form of social support that provided an inclusive space to talk. This support system helps strengthen bonds warranting significant improvements in individual behaviours towards both, colleagues and the organization.

    But is this the only argument to prove that coffee can create impact?

    The coffee impact: Towards sustainability, health and responsible living

    The advent of Aspretto in the market ensured that there is a shift in the way coffee consumption is perceived; coffee is not only a conversation enabler but a social and environmental contributor. I believe that we all are interconnected and our actions lead to consequences for each other and the environment.

    The key principles that drive Aspretto are: Ethical Sourcing, Humanitarianism and Eco-Stewardship. We feel immense pride in the way Aspretto has been designed to at once keep health and wellness of the consumer at its core, and ethically sourced to support communities.

    Aspretto offers healthier options for coffee, tea and snacks and is designed to bring ease and efficiency for everyone. Because we understand efficiency, Aspretto has enabled a touchscreen format that has fully automated the process of purchasing and getting your coffee. With over 1200 deployments, it is spread out over 13 countries and 3 continents. With sustainability and contribution as our major focus, Aspretto has used sustainable materials to design its kiosks, and also contributes some part of its sales proceeds as a donation to Stop Hunger.

    Aspretto showcases Sodexo’s mission and work towards improving the Quality of life of individuals and creating avenues for social interactions. It provides a space to reconnect among individuals, with every cup contributing towards making a difference in the world. Making a headway into the Indian market after serving successfully in several countries. We hope to serve you soon!

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