Elevating consumer experience through Foodiverse

Food for Thought: Elevating Consumer Experience Through Foodiverse

Published on : 1/30/19
  • Of the many elements that make the workplace exciting and motivating, food takes the centre-stage. Increasingly organizations are taking a lead in streamlining their workplace culture – by providing a cafeteria that not only provides nutritious and tasty food, but also inspires employees to bond, brainstorm and achieve their best over some tempting food.

    How should this cafeteria be?

    People today are well traveled. They have experienced different cultures and cuisines and are more discerning about what they want and are seeking a variety of experiences and cuisines.

    Foodiverse is the culmination of a year of hard and passionate research across the globe; studying food markets and local cuisines, analyzing insights, understanding the various perspectives of food, and finally, presenting a unique food hall having several curated stalls in a captivating corporate environment.

    It brings together global best practices and merges that with insights from the Indian consumer to deliver truly engaging and exciting experiences.

    Foodiverse brings excitement and engagement to the cafeteria, hence transforming them into areas where people can connect and collaborate over a meal or a cup of coffee.

    The food at the heart of the offer is honest, true and authentic. It exemplifies all the values that Sodexo stands for:

    1. Passion and love for simple, authentic, healthy food
    2. Use of fresh, locally-sourced, sustainable produce
    3. Use of leading methodology, tools and technical expertise
    4. Delivery of cost-effective, smarter and eco-friendly solutions

    What makes Foodiverse special?

    Foodiverse has 4 main pillars:

    Passion – ‘Love of food’ is our culinary philosophy. There is unmistakable passion ingrained in every item in the menu. Chefs across 80 countries put on their thinking caps to design menus, customized to have local appeal. And the chef on-site stirs up this passion every minute to add to the customer experience.

    Immersion – Spaces are increasingly playing an important role in today’s food scene. Immersion looks at creating an exciting and engaging atmosphere for people to connect. Tea experiences are elevated at the ‘Chai Kadak’ area where consumers can have a glass of ‘cutting chai’ accompanied by ‘maska bun’, ‘nankhatai’ or some interesting tit bits. 

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    Consumer experience – Breaking monotony, a gamut of food options are put forth. Consumers coming to an office cafeteria look for variety in cuisines and tastes. Experience and engagement are core parts of the offer where consumers can look forward to food festivals that embrace cultural and geographical diversity. It also provides digital experiences to consumers where they can pull information around menus, calorific values and can also order and pay, all through a digital platform that we have invested in. This also helps eliminate queuing which is currently a big pain point in cafeterias.

    Evolution – Consumer moods and tastes are constantly evolving and especially in an office cafeteria which consumers visit daily, they seek change.

    Evolution celebrates change, breaking monotony in menus on a daily, weekly and quarterly basis through a good rotation. It also brings in new and exciting products to the consumers on a regular basis.

    Besides the food stalls, pop ups are also incorporated to add to the excitement and fun.  

    To sum it up, Foodiverse is another important milestone in Sodexo’s journey to enhance Quality of Life of its clients and consumers. It endorses the company’s sustained focus on continuously evolving to add value to the customer’s life, through creativity and cutting-edge technology. Already implemented at many client locations across the world, Foodiverse now makes its way in India, to reinforce customer experience here.

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