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You have come to the right place. At Sodexo India, we hail from diverse backgrounds, have different beliefs and varied skill sets, but all of us are bound together by one ideology – to enhance the Quality of Life, consistently and harmoniously. By joining us, you will be respected for what you are, and can work amidst a truly inclusive environment. You will have endless opportunities for personal and professional growth.

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Flexi-time positions

Are you a homemaker who loves looking after the family and also wants to make a career? Are you a person who wants to work despite being challenged by health issues? If you have the ability and intent to work but are unsure of conforming to regular office hours, we have flexi-time positions for you that will help you take care of both sides. A career at Sodexo will actively encourage your progress

Full-time contractual positions

Are you experimental by nature and want to try out a job for a short period of time? Do you want to take up a job and see if it gives you the desired satisfaction? Do you want to try out a variety of jobs and keep switching jobs regularly? We offer full-time contractual positions that give you the flexibility to work for a short time. You can then opt to quit

Regular positions

Are you passionate about your career and want to join a transnational organization that gives you infinite opportunities to explore your potential? We have 100+ regular positions for you that range from manufacturing to corporate, from housekeeping to financial and legal advisors. You can take up a local position, an on-site position or a global one, depending on your interest and efficiency.

Positions for the disabled

‘Ability is in everyone’ - is our driving motto. We believe that despite any kind of physical or mental disability, you can excel in a job, if you simply have the talent and aptitude for it. So, if you are passionate about your career, we will give you the opportunity, respecting your health barrier. Our workplaces have the supportive infrastructure for you and we make

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We offer a vast array of opportunities for everybody, whatever their background.

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