Sustainable Food

For us, food is passion. We believe that nothing but the best should be served on the plates. Hence, we place utmost importance on sourcing the raw food materials locally, ensuring that every bit is fresh and natural, so that the food we prepare is authentic in taste and hygienic in preparation. Every process that food undergoes from the farm to the plate is rigorously monitored for discipline and consistency.

Where our food comes from

We source our raw food materials from 500 local vendors in India through Diversey initiative. 13% of our food material is purchased through local SMEs and women entrepreneurs.

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Love of food

Food is passion at Sodexo India. We know that every Indian prefers home-cooked meals and we make due efforts to bring in that touch of ‘home’ to the food we serve.

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Food should be eaten, not wasted

We are well aware of the fact that food is scarce and millions go hungry every day. Hence, we sensitize our supply chain vendors, kitchen staff, clients and consumers to reduce food waste to a minimum.

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Driving Sustainability Together

Our services can help our clients' efforts to reduce their environmental impact. We work together to co-construct offers around facilities and resource management to help meet their sustainability goals.

Delivering sustainability services

We deliver food and facilities services and seek new ways in which can add further value to your business.

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Reducing carbon emissions

A stable climate is indispensable to quality of life. Sodexo is in a strong position to contribute to this global challenge through our core services.

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United for progress

Sustainability solutions cannot be found alone, and that’s why we’re building resilient partnerships to amplify our efforts and drive change at scale.

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On The Ground

We employ locally and we serve locally. From the desert in Rajasthan to a school in your local suburbs, our employees are also your neighbors. We are deeply woven into the social fabric of every community we serve. It's natural for us to work together solving local challenges, creating equal opportunities and contributing to economic development.

Promoting An Inclusive Culture And Growth

Diversity and Inclusion are not just buzzwords at Sodexo India. These are a part of our organizational culture.

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Stop Hunger

Quality of Life begins when basic human needs are met, which is why we chose to fight hunger worldwide through the dedicated Stop Hunger non-profit network.

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Sodexo COVID-19 Relief Fund

A voluntary fundraising platform for employees, clients, and partner organizations to give online donations to support the covid-impacted families.

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Growing Responsibly

In 1966, we were among the first few companies in the world to place a social element at the core of its mission. Why? Because we have always wanted our growth to make sense.

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Client Testimonial

With Sodexo, Sky Is The Limit


“Sodexo is always willing to help out. They are flexible and cooperative. And, most importantly, they never compromise on quality. To add to this, constant and prompt communication with Sodexo is one of the key reasons why they are simply the best.”


Mrs. Mili Sancheti
Sancheti Family Foods India Pvt Ltd,
Sodexo merchant

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