Gender balance

Our gender balance journey in India has been quite remarkable. We had 15% women employees in 2016 and today we have climbed up to 19.3% in the space of 2.5 years. We have set ourselves a realistic target of 30% by 2021 and we will definitely achieve it. We regularly drive awareness campaigns to foster a spirit of inclusion, prevent sexual harassment, and provide flexi-work options to the women employees at the workplace. Several development programs have been put in place to encourage women to grow within the system. Our Project Pragati identifies and recruits deserving women in frontline roles. And for all our D&I initiatives, we have been widely acclaimed and felicitated with multiple awards and accolades.

Fostering an inclusive culture

Group of sodexo employees sitting at a table and listeningA look at our on-site staff confirms that it is a completely cosmopolitan group with 80% of them being migrants. People belonging to different ethnicities, economic back backgrounds and diverse geographical locations enjoy working together in different corporates, hospitals and universities as our on-site staff. The LGBT community is also an important part of our operational staff.


People with disabilities

Man and woman wearing aprons over their clothes and shaking handsWe conduct several drives to include people with physical and/or mental disabilities in our workforce. Our philosophy is simple: ability is in everyone. Every person is endowed with a skill and we have to look beyond the disability to discover this skill. Once this skill is identified, proper training programs are initiated to help the person function independently and manage his job well.


Mental health and well being

Several workshops are organized to provide helpful tips on wellness and holistic health, and to teach self-defense and financial literacy. Realizing the damaging consequences of stress in the contemporary world, we arrange for counseling sessions to sort out mental health issues. Through ‘Sodexo supports me’ initiative, we encourage our employees to call and avail free and confidential e-counseling. All our efforts are concentrated towards making our employees feel safe and protected 24x7.


Partnering with local communities

We believe that we can thrive only when the entire ecosystem thrives. This thought drives us to look for opportunities to partner with small local entrepreneurs to promote inclusive economic progress. One such example is Sukhda Chapati. Sodexo India promoted this start-up and this entrepreneur has now built a successful business enterprise, multiplying turnover several times in a short space of time.

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