Your ₹1 becomes ₹3, as help reaches the ground. Do you know how?

Sodexo and Stop Hunger have partnered to make aid available for the COVID impacted communities in India.

Furthering our on-ground relief efforts, we are launching a voluntary fundraising platform – Sodexo COVID-19 Relief Fund where employees, clients, and partner organizations can give online donations. For every ₹1/- contributed by you, Sodexo and Stop Hunger Global will together contribute ₹2/- (maximum of INR 5 million), which means help reaching the ground multiplies threefold. 

The funds will be mobilized for relief efforts by our existing NGO partners – India Food Banking Network and UTMT society for distribution of dry ration kits/ food supplies and COVID-care essentials among the needy. 

Both domestic and international donors can contribute in either or both NGOs by visiting their dedicated Sodexo COVID-19 Relief Fund page, links to which are given below:

India Food Banking Network

India Food Banking NetworkIndia Food Banking Network is a leading national hunger relief organization in India and is coordinating a massive effort in 40+ cities to provide grains, groceries, and packaged products to feed these vulnerable families. In 2020, at the onset of pandemic, the partnership between India Food Banking Network and Sodexo - Stop Hunger under Emergency Food Assistance program enabled immediate food support to those struggling to feed their families. Our joint response provided emergency ration kits to 31,375 beneficiaries in 15 cities.

Donate Now

This link is for local donations within India. International donors may use the Under The Mango Tree link below. We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Under The Mango Tree

Under The Mango TreeAn integral part of our CR efforts is empowering the women community by offering sustainable livelihood. In partnership with Under The Mango Tree Society (UTMT Society), Sodexo – Stop Hunger has been training over 500 small-holder women farmers in beekeeping and agricultural best practices since August 2018. Help is now being made available in these remote towns to tackle the COVID spread, where funds raised will be utilized to procure and supply COVID-Care Medical kits including oximeters, contactless thermometers, mask and gloves. Village-level isolation centres and upgrade of the primary health infrastructure is also planned. 

Donate Now

This link can be used by both international and local donors. We thank you in advance for your generosity.


Donation drive starts on 28th May, 2021 and will remain open for your whole-hearted contribution for the next 3 weeks.

Sodexo and Stop Hunger has been tirelessly working throughout this pandemic period to reach out to the people and families impacted. Our employees too have actively donated from their personal remuneration during the first wave; volunteered their time and efforts to support COVID relief measures. This donation can substantially help further our relief efforts. We look forward to making a joint contribution. Thank you for doing all that you can.

Learn more about Stop Hunger. Click Here.



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