Food Safety: Our no 1 priority

Sodexo catering employees wearing hairnets and masks while preparing foodFood safety is indispensable. It is of paramount importance. That is why we emphasize on statutory safety standards for every aspect of food in the value chain. All our equipment and processes are certified under ISO and HSE licensing. We focus on zero-accident incidence in our smart kitchens. The food that finally reaches the plates is nutritious, tasty and pure. 

Local, seasonal and sustainable

Man and woman picking vegetables in a fieldWe work with NGOs to provide seasonal seeds to local SMEs and women entrepreneurs; they set up their own kitchen gardens and we eventually buy their produce directly, waving away intermediaries. We also plan our menus based on this seasonal variety. The advantages are manifold. We get fresh produce that includes green species of fish and poultry too, and provide financial sustenance to the needy, thus strengthening the entire ecosystem. This initiative also supports a sustainable universe, considerably encouraged by the predominantly vegetarian Indian food taste.

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