Working across the value chain

Illustration of a girl on a skateboard and the word stop with food waste going in to a binFrom the raw food material that is procured, to the processing of food in the kitchens and final delivery to our consumers – every person involved in the value chain is sensitized to reduce wastage of food. Food is procured and cooked as per assessment of the food requirement. We run awareness campaigns so that our consumers sample the right portion of food and no food ends up in the trash bin.



Sodexo chef cutting tomatoes in a kitchenFor Sodexo, the fight against food waste is part of our daily routine. By using the WasteWatch program, Sodexo teams are able to easily capture food waste data and take action to drive cultural and behavioral change, whether food waste generated in the kitchen or consumer food waste.
Find out more about the WasteWatch program.


Surplus food distribution

Although we try our best to accurately measure the food requirement, but sometimes we have surplus food left over in the on-site kitchens. To ensure that this extra food finds a worthy destination, we have associated with Feeding India, a not-for-profit organization, to transport and deliver this food to nearby shelter homes and beneficiaries, within the designated time. In this way, we minimize food wastage and also fight the problem of hunger successfully.

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