Creating wonderful food experiences

Excellent consistency in taste

Every item that we deliver has the same taste irrespective of the geographical location. Our chefs have undergone centralized training that helps them churn out food that looks, smells and tastes the same with astounding regularity. Localized food will have the same authentic taste, even when cooked and delivered miles away.

Smart kitchen experience

Our Smart Kitchen is the secret behind our delectable, nutritious and hygienically cooked food. Improved work safety, better working conditions and consistent food quality are the three main advantages of Smart Kitchen. We use induction-based cooking that helps us deliver the unique Sodexo experience every single time.

Culinary expertise

Our passion for food has led us to develop the Global Chef Program where Sodexo chefs from all across the world are invited to share their local food expertise. Since Sodexo operates in 80 countries, we have infinite opportunities to relish and imbibe a range of recipes through this program at our on-site workplace locations; providing an experience that is unmatched in variety and excitement.

One-stop shop

Understanding the needs of our well-travelled, aware and knowledgeable clientele, we aim to provide an assortment of food that is not only culturally and geographically diverse, but is also served in authentic style. Through Foodiverse, we present different food options from multiple brands, suitable for every kind of consumer, in one food hall, amidst an ambient surrounding.

Health and wellness

We incorporate the traffic light rating system in our food and ensure that we align to the green category at all times. This means that the food that we deliver is safe, nutritious and healthy. It promotes the well-being of our consumers. We are committed to 10 golden rules that work in tandem with our consumers to support their wellness.

Power of digital

Technology is seamlessly integrated into our business. We leverage the power of digital to enhance food experience. Apps help to browse and choose food, well before walking into the food hall. Payments are made easy through digital cards again. The data gathered about food choices and food portions help us to evolve and keep enhancing the consumer experience at all times.

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