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Optimal individualized care – patient nutrition

Food Services & Catering

Optimal individualized care – patient nutrition

Individualized patient food service, designed to address the therapeutic intervention and to treat patient safely and effectively, with care for their emotional and clinical needs. As the world’s largest private employer of dieticians, Sodexo has a wealth of expertise in clinical nutrition.

What We Offer

Providing nutritional management for all patient cohorts – from catering to standard allergies to the most vulnerable and demanding immunocompromised patients. We can also provide clinical dietetic services, which can include screening and post-discharge support. Our chefs and dieticians work closely with your team to design meals that stimulate each patient’s appetite, while ensuring that these therapeutic diets are suited to their requirements. We capture, analyse and report the experience patients as well as the outcomes of our services. A satisfied patient is a more well-nourished patient, helping in their recovery and discharge. With Sodexo Touch-To-Order, an online inpatient meal ordering system, patients are empowered to select their meal options.