Health and Hygiene

Food is cooked and delivered adhering to the highest hygiene standards. Our on-site kitchens are integrated with HSE compliant appliances so that food is cooked in safe, fire-protected surroundings, guarding against bacteria and germs. We promote the use of combi-ovens and other smart kitchen appliances to keep the nutrition intact and the environment safe and clean. Our kitchen staff wears proper, clean and sanitized uniform to keep up with the hygiene quotient, while adhering to the other safety norms and protocols.

Food for every taste

Global chefs deliberate over items, ensuring that there is regular menu rotation. Expert dieticians on board give the right advice about menu planning. We follow the Traffic Light System, sticking to the green category of foods. Our nutritionists have drawn up a Wellness Charter to help kitchen staff at our on-site kitchens conscientiously prepare food based on the guidelines in this charter to ensure the health and well-being of students. Compliance to this charter is audited regularly. Also, importance is given to sourcing of raw food material from local vendors so that fresh and seasonal food is made available to children throughout the year.

We place great emphasis on creative cooking so that children are provided their favourite food with the right healthy twist. For example, lip-smacking pizzas are made using whole-wheat bases and delicious muffins are made from oats. Healthier alternatives of food, otherwise tagged as ‘street-food’ and ‘junk-food’,are prepared so that both children and parents are happy to get what they long for.
Besides the usual menu, a special menu is also prepared for children with health conditions. Keeping in mind the health profile of every child, care is taken to see that each child eats food as advised by healthcare professionals. For example, if a child is allergic to gluten or lactose, he/she will be provided food that is free from these ingredients. Special menu is also prepared for children participating in sports so that they get the nutrients their bodies demand to cope with the high activity levels. In general, salt and oil usage in cooking is minimized without compromising on taste. Additionally, special menu is prepared during exam times to ensure young minds get the extra nourishment they need.


While the school takes care of academics, Sodexo celebrates life to improve student and faculty engagement. Executive dining facility is provided to students and faculty for having meals at leisure. On the other hand, Retail Food & Beverage solutions are there for students in a hurry to grab a bite.

We make each student feel special by celebrating his/her birthday. We arrange cultural events and annual day celebrations to showcase the creative skills of students. Students are welcomed after vacations through ‘Back to Campus’ event. Special merrymaking is planned during Holi, Diwali, Eid, Halloween, Christmas and other cultural occasions. Also, Sodexo ProTalk and Health and Wellness programs are arranged to create awareness among children; they are sensitized to practice a healthy routine throughout their life. And of course, food is a specialty on all such occasions.

Since food is a passion at Sodexo, we often celebrate with global and Indian food festivals. In the healthy Indian twist event, specialties from a particular region, with the typical authentic taste, but prepared using healthier ingredients, are relished with great pleasure. Our celebrity chef Ajay Chopra keeps the excitement alive too. By adding a quirky touch, he makes regular items really interesting; students love to dive into these novel items with great gusto.
Almost all students look forward to the Big Daddy Chef competition. Conducted by Chef Ajay Chopra, the event has daddies participate in food preparation along with their children. Winners are given away prizes and all participants are handed over certificates. The event is thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in school.We use reusable cutlery & crockery instead of disposable one which is sanitized using highend washing equipments.

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