Grab N Go – Smart Vending

Under the Grab N Go offer we bring another version - smart vending machine. The machine stocks not only chilled/cold food items such as beverages, sandwiches but also warm products like snacks lunchboxes and more. The menu services both the health as well as the local requirements of the consumers through a variety of beverages, ready to eat, prepackaged and packet food products. Food is packaged in good quality in easy to carry disposables. 

Apart from the variety on offer, in terms of the food items, Grab N Go also has a seamless ordering process enabled through a digital payment option. All the consumers need to do to buy their item, is download an app, scan the QR code on the vending machine and connect with the machine and then click and buy.

Healthy and fresh food catering to both global and local taste buds is made available to the consumers 24x7.  

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