Transforming Canteens Into Cafeterias

With Kitchen Works Co, Sodexo brings a modern dining experience backed by our global expertise, best practices and legacy of providing a broad range of food services in manufacturing setups across the world. The offer has been designed, keeping in mind the needs of a highly skilled and diverse millennial workforce who are exposed to the consumer experience in the world at large and who seek experiential rewards. With this offer, we endeavour to assist our clients in their journey of transforming their canteens into cafeterias. 

Healthy, Innovative and Exciting Dining Experiences in the Manufacturing Sector


Outstanding Food Experience

Multiple food options and trending, authentic, regional and seasonal menus.

Health and wellness

Health and safety-focused operations and wellness program designed by experts.

Inspiring and Engaging Spaces

Space and ambience design options and engagement activities on-site to suit the client’s brand ethos and style

Technology-led operational efficiency

Geared towards quick service, efficiency and scale by leveraging technology.



Full-fledged thali-style meals cooked as per the region’s traditional style & available all day to offer local food to your employees.


Nutritionally balanced food options to suit the requirement of the modern-day factory worker.

Combo Corner

A modern, fast and casual service counter that brings popular food options from across the country & beyond.

Grab & Go

An All-Day Food Retail Shop in the Cafeteria providing beverages, & ready-to-eat foods.

Chai Time

Serving much-loved Indian hot beverages & snacks to consumers on the shop floor to keep them refreshed & active all day long.

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