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Be agile and rise with Sodexo


Be agile and rise with Sodexo

Never before has the focus on quality of life been so important. Sodexo was made for this moment - Supporting people has been in our DNA for more than 50 years. In India and around the world, we are beginning to come out of prolonged pause in activities. Many are simply trying to reclaim familiar routines, while others are seizing the unprecedented opportunity to reimagine what’s possible and embrace new ways to live, work, care, and play. We enable this through rise with Sodexo - a systematic, comprehensive approach to help you prepare and implement changes to your daily operations. It's customised for each client, prioritising safety, wellbeing and productivity, so that everyone can get back to the business of living.

Seizing the Opportunity

When we assess your service data from before and after, we establish not only how we can reopen and address the need of our new reality, but identify areas of opportunity to push your business and organization forward, aligning your solutions with key departments such as HR, IT, FM and HSE.

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Site and employee restart

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Enhanced cleaning, temperature monitoring and contactless provision of services

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Nutritious & sustainable to-go / prepared meals, food cards and digital services 

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Onsite health checks and wellness services

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Physical distancing, space management / planning, environmental efficiency services

Preparing for the new normal in India

Our teams have been at the frontlines of dealing with the COVID crisis ever since its outbreak. Being an organization which is serving a plethora of clients including essential services like manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, we have learnings from supporting them with business continuity through the journey of this pandemic. We also have best practices and solutions from the other other geographies that have undergone the same experiences around the world which we have been able to adapt and use to support you resume operations. Through reopen and rise with Sodexo we have our new and adapted solutions which will help corporates, healthcare, education and our clients in energy and resources offer a welcoming experience to their customers.


The offices have changed and are entering into the new normal. For corporates, the biggest thing that you might be considering is to get your employees to work and to make them feel at ease. Employee health and hygiene have come to the forefront now and given our expertise in Integrated Facilities Management services, we have adapted our current food and facilities services to include disinfection, changes in workplace designs, social distancing and updated food services with digital as an enabler to help your employees experience the same amount of convenience while working from the office or from home.


Connect with our sales office on Bdindia.IN.APAC@sodexo.com


Healthcare segment being an essential service was an exception, where work from home was never an option and healthcare workers were at the forefront round the clock to fight the war against COVID19. In the current scenario, the importance of infection control doesn’t apply only for Operation Theatres and ICUs in hospitals but for the entire infrastructure. Given our expertise in Hospital-Acquired Infection and learnings during pandemic, we are best equipped to extend our services to any quarantine/COVID care facility in India.

Connect with our sales office on Sharad.misra@sodexo.com


Campus means a world to a student, they are eager & anxious to return. Parents are equally anxious about their safety & well-being. Education campuses, therefore, need to critically assess their preparation for reopening, enforcing heightened health, sanitation & physical distancing protocols. However, they are likely to confront trade-offs between effectiveness and feasibility in implementing such measures. Each campus will need to evaluate its health and safety measures to fit its resources and capabilities across 4 major categories: physical infrastructure, scheduling and staffing, transportation and food service, and health and behavioural policies. The pre-requisite is to carry out scientific, preventive and controlled cleaning to prepare the campus environment for safe reopening. With a significant global experience & domain expertise, Sodexo’s EduCARE solution will help campuses be better prepared to reopen with confidence.  

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Energy and Resources

While considering Energy and Resources facilities, there is an increased importance of risk-assessment along with the site restart process. Sodexo’s comprehensive approach involving disinfection, sanitization and risk management, aims to reduce the overall contamination of the facilities and maintain a risk-free environment. Right from disinfection using standardized chemicals to identification of high-risk areas, risk mitigation, and employee packages, we are ensuring peace of mind for you and your employees.


Connect with our sales office on Mohit.varma@sodexo.com

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