Corporate Quality of Life Services

Corporate Services Partner and Provider of Integrated Food Service and Facilities Management

Quality of Life in the workplace means creating an environment of respect for people, for wellness and for greater productivity. It translates to a business that understands that the wellness of people has a direct connection to the organization’s bottom line.

Sodexo’s portfolio of Quality of Life Services is broad and deep. The knowledge and expertise with which we customize this portfolio delivers value for our clients and the people who rely on them. We do so by enhancing and maintaining all aspects of the workplace, providing nutritious meals and offering services that help promote a healthy lifestyle for employees.


Business Outcomes

By partnering with Sodexo, our clients experience an organization with corporate strength and the flexibility to anticipate needs and creatively provide the best solutions for the challenges we face together.

Sodexo partners with businesses to improve their workforce Quality of Life and impact the bottom line by:

  • Enhancing Employee Wellness and Engagement
  • Managing Corporate Facilities
  • Reducing Operation Costs
  • Improving Sustainability


Sodexo has been presented with the ‘World Class Service &
Quality’ Award for the roll out of a global Facilities
Management Transformation program at the Unilever Partner
to Win Summit.




Sodexo is pleased to offer the following Quality of Life services.

Operations & Maintenance

  • Construction Services
  • Performance Interiors and Interior Design
  • Facilities Management
  • Energy Management and Conservation
  • Roofing Design and Management Services


Facilities Management

  • Housekeeping, Custodial and Janitorial Services
  • Grounds Care and Landscaping
  • Security
  • Front Desk and Reception


Food Service

  • Culinary, Catering and Nutritional Services
  • Nutrition, Health and Wellness
  • Vending Operations
  • Wellness Solutions


Special Events/Venues

  • Conference Services and Special Events Management
  • Leisure and Entertainment Services
  • Concessions Operations and Management
  • Retail Systems Management


Additional Services

  • Purchasing (Strategic/Local Sourcing and Supply Management)
  • Benefits and Rewards
  • Facilities Capital Planning
  • Diversity Consulting



Case Study

Corporate_Case Study - Office Max
Office Max

Learn how Office Max has turned to Sodexo for its HVAC maintenance and EMA monitoring needs.


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Corporate Services Partner and Provider of Integrated Food Service and Facilities Management

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