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Sodexo Healthcare is a leading provider of integrated patient dining, retail and café, environmental, clinical technology management, and facilities management offerings that enhance hospital and system performance, and help improve the Quality of Life of patients, clinicians, and our employees.

It’s critical that healthcare providers have excellent services that support clinicians and clinical outcomes, at the best value. The peace of mind that comes from a strategic partnership with a trustworthy organization allows hospital administrators and staff to focus on their highest priority — healing patients.

Our goal is to help our healthcare clients provide the best possible patient experience. Our customized solutions are specifically geared to improving the outcomes and satisfaction of patients and their families, and enhancing the efficiency and reputation of our clients.

Protecta – Environmental Infection Control

For hospital administrators who desire to maximize HCAHPS scores and avoid HAC penalties, Sodexo’s Protecta provides a comprehensive environmental services program for HAI reduction, so that clinicians can focus on delivering quality patient care.

Hospitals across the country are seeing their HAIs (Healthcare-Associated Infections) and HAC (Hospital-Acquired Conditions) penalties rise year after year. The status quo shouldn’t be the industry standard.

To stop this downward trajectory, Sodexo invested in research, capitalized on its many years of experience in hospital cleaning, and focused on innovation to create a comprehensive, new, environmental infection control program called Protecta.

Protecta is designed to reduce HAIs by leveraging highly trained and engaged people, rigorous and standardized process, and best-in class technologies. It is the next level in environmental services that not only visibly cleans your hospital, but also removes pathogens and biofilms.

Our white paper outlines of our Protecta pilot results: it reduces the infection rates of the two worst, nosocomial infections – MRSA and Clostridium difficile (C. diff). Protecta – Environmental Infection Control is the cutting-edge program that reduces MRSA and C. diff HAIs by up to 70%.

Download the White Paper
White Paper
Spoiler Alert: Up to 70% reduction in MRSA was found in 12 months at pilot sites. Read the details.




Download the Case Study
Case Study
Real data from our of Protecta clients and the key components to our Protecta solution. Read now.


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