Creating Strong, Growth-Focused Learning Communities

Campus life has changed beyond imagination with a pre-requisite to reinvent the learning environment for students. Sodexo’s evolutionary mindset, deep consumer insights and range of innovative services are aligned with the evolving needs of the students.


We are your partner in inspiring and engaging students to reach their full potential. Our teams become an integral part of your campus to create personalised student experiences. Sodexo’s services are distinctively designed to help schools and universities attract students, retain faculty, and staff, and create a thriving campus life for everyone, some of which include student dining and food services, facility management and housekeeping solutions, technical and building maintenance and hostel management.


With global expertise and capabilities, we aim to nourish our nation’s future through smooth campus operations and provide complete peace of mind with safety assurance to the parents. Together, we can transform the campus life — all the while keeping students at the heart of everything we do.

Working Together to Support Every Student’s Journey

Sodexo enjoys market leadership position in catering to the top international schools across the length and breadth of India, providing healthy nutritious meals on a daily basis to students, faculty and support staff. Our complete range of hard and soft services related to food, technical maintenance and facility management are customised to suit the unique needs of every international school, premium private school and residential school that we serve. We enhance the quality of life within the premises using a holistic and integrated approach for the all-round development of the learners.

As educators help students feed their curiosity and develop their physical strength Sodexo supports them by allowing the institutions to focus on their core which is education while we take care of the student community’s health and wellness.

Our culinary experts create healthy and delicious food experiences aligned with our nutritionists’ guidelines and reflecting the latest flavour trends while also embedding sustainable ingredients and seasonal produce within our menus to provide varied and balanced meals. Our technical professionals ensure a safe campus environment that supports students to take care of their everyday needs.

Leading a Lifestyle Evolution on Campus

Higher education is often a major shift in a student’s life. It is a time to explore career paths, live independently, and that’s where Sodexo steps to give the students the feeling of home away from home. Sodexo at Campus offers a comprehensive suite of services that aim to keep students engaged, healthy, and inspired with services that fit their ever-evolving lifestyle.

Sodexo partners with universities to deliver healthy and trendy dining experiences, digitally enabled innovative campus environments and best-in-class facilities. We are committed to understanding what drives students’ decision-making and other behaviours so we can help educators provide the right support and resources to make the campus life enriching every day.

Our comprehensive campus care and dining services go beyond the ordinary. Sodexo’s dining and retail solution meet and exceed students’ expectations for their essential daily needs, wellbeing and engagement on campus. Our facilities and technical management services create positive campus experiences enabling lifelong social connections.


International School Onsite Services

Student Dining

Sodexo offers dining experiences that are much more than the food itself. Our culinary teams blend culinary art with innovation backed by data and insights to exceed students' expectations. Our diverse food options, paired with nutrition, taste and hygiene, powers students to reach their full potential be it in academic or athletic performances

Residential Schools Onsite Services

Digitally Enabled Retail Cafeteria

Designed to meet the needs of the digital natives for variety in food at fun hangout zones on campus, Sodexo offers the convenience of digital ordering and payment options that Gen Z enjoys.

Premium Private School Onsite Services

Technical Services

From simple repairs to complex technical assistance, Sodexo helps to create a smooth, coordinated effort to increase efficiency and reduce downtime as well as costs.

Facilities Management

Inspiring students to love their campus begins with a holistic approach by providing safe, clean, and well-lit facilities that enhance physical health, a sense of security, and belonging.

Events and Engagements

We help you uncover what is important to students now and keep them happily engaged with a positive campus experience to enable lifelong social connections. From hands-on cooking workshops, global and Indian food fests, theme-based competitions and festival celebrations, we cover it all by keeping food at the centre of it all.

Hostel Management

Sodexo’s integrated solution manages every aspect of the hostel life to create safe, secure, and welcoming student living environments including repairs, maintenance, housekeeping and laundry service.

The Sodexo Edge


Recognized in India for Excellence in Campus Care Services

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