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Offshore & Marine Onsite Services

Sodexo I Offshore Energy & Resources

It is a matter of pride for us that our holistic approach to delivering Quality of Life services is an immense support to the offshore and marine clients. It helps them attract and retain talent as well as enhance the wellness and wellbeing of their workforce. We focus on four major requirements - safety, wellbeing, cleanliness and comfort.

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Onshore Energy Onsite Services

Sodexo I Onshore Energy & Resources

It is our firm belief that those living remotely, away from homes and families, must be provided with an enhanced hospitality experience. Our exhaustive range of service focuses on delivering a thorough and discreet cleaning and laundry service, welcoming reception service, flexible and inviting entertainment program.

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Our Range Of Services

Camp Construction And Operations

Camp Construction and Operations

Technical Maintenance

Technical Maintenance

Township Management

Food Services


Accommodation Management


Landscaping & Gardening

Reception Management