From HealthCare to Health and Care

For decades, Sodexo Health & Care services have been working to improve the hospital treatment experience, emphasising keenly on personalised care and comfort. Our new Health & Care model has moved forward to a more evolved philosophy that puts people before anything else. This new human-centric mission is founded on a deep understanding of consumer needs and our vision to improve the quality of life. Hence, we strive to deliver a higher level of care and support for your organisation’s patients, every day. As your extended partners, our attempt is to ensure that we provide the core services of facilities management and food and catering for the upkeep of your facilities and care for your staff. This leads to improved productivity and overall better consumer experience leaving you with adequate time to focus on your core which is patient care and wellbeing.

How We Deliver

  • Having made our presence felt in over 550 locations at 29 NABH and 8 JCI accredited hospitals, we continue to deliver excellence in health and care services.
  • Creating customised technical and financial models to meet individual clients’ needs.
  • Extensive training and knowledge sharing from both global and local operations ensures our teams are always updated with the latest data required for them to carry out their duties efficiently.
  • A strength of 5000+ healthcare employees supported by highly experienced subject matter experts and strong leadership team to deliver the best experiences at sites.
  • Leveraging technology for cafeteria automation and biomedical equipment maintenance to collectively lead to improved efficiency and improved consumer experience.

Our Service Portfolio


Sodexo offers tailored food service solutions to meet patient needs and expectations. Aarogyum, is a unique service that blends time-honoured Indian cooking techniques with a focus on optimal nutrition based on Ayurvedic sciences. Rooted in ancient wisdom, our patient nutrition service offers wholesome meals that cater to the body's needs and nourish the soul for a speedy recovery.


Our consumer centric approach is based on insights customised to meet the needs of each health care facility. Sodexo supports clients in setting up and operating food halls which enhance consumer experience through digitally enabled cafeteria with a relaxing ambience and a variety of meal options.

Environmental Infection Control

Cleaning is different from microbial cleaning. That is the difference we bring to a hospital environment. Protecta from Sodexo Health & Care is an evidence-based Environmental Infection Prevention program proven to reduce, stabilise and prevent HAIs, supporting better health outcomes for your patients and positive business outcomes for your hospital.

Healthcare Technology Management

Sodexo Health Care Technology Management is a one-stop solution for all biomedical equipment maintenance and life cycle management needs of healthcare and diagnostic centres. Our comprehensive asset management approach is designed to achieve better quality care outcomes and improved financial health for all our clients through our modern CMMS technology platform and our technical experts.

We Are Where We Are Needed The Most


Sodexo combines hospitality, technical support and culinary expertise to create relaxing and supportive environments for patients to recover and for medical teams to function efficiently. We work with our team of expert nutritionists and dieticians to ensure that customised and appropriate meals are delivered to the patients which contributes to a perfect recovery leaving our stakeholders.

Medical Colleges

Sodexo operates in and maintains acres of medical college campuses across the country while providing a safe and comfortable work and study environment for the staff and students. From caring for the wellbeing of students by providing healthy and tasty dining options and ensuring the right nutrition at critical times such as during examinations to ensuring a clean and safe campus environment.

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