Key figures

Senior Management

In 2011, only 4.4 of the women employed in OECD countries were in a senior management position (7.7 to the men).

Source: OECD Gender Data Portal, 2011


of European graduates today are women.

Source: OECD, 2012


Women represent 40 of the world’s workforce

Source: World Development Report on Gender Equality and Development, 2011

BLI Specifics

of South American women rate Education as either very important or extremely important to their Quality of Life. It is the highest rated item of the OECD Better Life Index by South American women.

Source:  Better Life Index, OECD

Ilene Lang - President of Catalyst, USA

"There is a strong link between how people interact with each other and the quality of their lives."

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Vijaya Sharma - General Manager for Operations at Osho Meditation Resort, India

"Quality of Life improves when people learn to respect the balance between physical, professional and emotional values."

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Brigitte Grésy - Inspector General for Social Affairs, France

"A key dimension in Quality of Life is how people manage the boundaries between professional and personal lives."

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Jane Adamik - Ballet mistress at the Lido, United Kingdom

"Caring for others and grabbing time for yourself contribute to a better Quality of Life."

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Carol Florez - Human Resources Director for Benefits and Rewards Services at Sodexo, Brazil

"Quality of life depends on the harmony one can achieve between workplace duties and personal life."

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Charlotte Pattison-Rideout - Sodexo Deputy Director of a prison in Peterborough, United Kingdom

"Quality of Life is about doing small things that can have a great impact on others!"

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Dr. Adis Maria Vila - Chief Diversity Officer at the US Air Force Academy, USA

"For a better Quality of Life you need to bring work and personal life together step by step."

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of European graduates today are women.

Source: OECD, 2012

logo Better Life Index

The Better Life Initiative is a major effort to provide policy and decision-makers with a broad range of statistics relevant to understand today’s societies and economies. The Better Life Index is an important innovative tool that the OECD launched to respond to the need of developing measures that are directly relevant to people’s well-being.

Interview of Martine Durand

Martine Durand thumbnailMartine Durand, Chief Statistician and Director of Statistics Directorate, OECD, explains  to which extent there are differences between female and male when it comes to life satisfaction.

2013 International Women Day - Sharma Viaya

Discover the testimonials of Sodexo employees, clients and opinions leaders – all women - on what in their experience constitutes Quality of Life.

Working towards equality

Women represent 54 of Sodexo’s workforce. Convinced of the need to promote their advancement, nurture talent and, more generally, foster diversity, Sodexo has long given high priority to gender equality.