Defense Onsite Services


Quality of Life has an enormous impact on military outcomes. Sodexo helps guide your people towards physical, mental and motivational readiness, preparing and maintaining them for sustainable peak performance. From maintaining living and training facilities to delivering mail to troops on frontlines, and ensuring they are fueled to fight at all times,

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Government Agencies Onsite Services


With shrinking budgets and ever-increasing goals, government organizations face tough challenges. Justice has to reduce reoffending. Defense must keep forces mission ready. Government agencies need to improve their employees’ productivity. They all on a strong support team – Sodexo.

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Justice Industry Onsite Services


How do you stop offenders reoffending? Start by giving them hope. Keep them healthy and positive, help them imagine a life free from crime. Their lives can change for the better. And our Quality of Life approach helps make it happen.

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Senior Care Provider Services


The world’s population is rapidly ageing. This is a huge challenge for senior care providers. They need to respond to seniors’ growing needs in a competitive environment. They need to create uplifting environments for seniors and help them live life to the fullest. Sodexo can help.

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Sports And Leisure Onsite Services

Sports and Leisure

Experiences make life worth living. The jaw-dropping finish to that game. The gig encore that raised the roof. The trip that’s permanently captured in your memory. Sodexo’s food retail, hospitality and event management services have helped create unforgettable sports, leisure and travel moments for over 50 years

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