Celebrating World Health Day - Together for a fairer, healthier world

Celebrating World Health Day - Together for a fairer, healthier world

Published on : 4/7/21
  • Perhaps the world has never needed to focus on good health more than in the present circumstances when the pandemic continues to threaten human lives. The virus has exposed the risks of leading an unhealthy lifestyle that ultimately leads to chronic health conditions and compromised immunity.

    How Pandemic Changed Our Food Selection

    Sadly, the pandemic has also promoted this harmful lifestyle by forcing people towards home confinement, almost zero mobility and a morbid fear. However, lessons learnt from the past year have led people to understand the need to eat healthy, boost immunity and stay positive. 

    The theme for this year’s World Health Day - ‘together for a fairer, healthier world’ – emphasizes on sustainable consumption as one of the key pillars; eat healthy and keep the world healthy. It urges humanity to ensure healthy eating habits that also contribute towards a healthy universe. Sodexo has always supported a sustainable universe; the company has consistently focused on local, healthy farm fresh produce, healthier food alternatives, high nutritional value of food, while also ensuring that a wonderful variety of gourmet delights are served to the customers in a completely contactless and safe manner.

    According to our 2021 Client Survey across Corporate India clients, introduction to healthy and nutritious meals to employees has emerged as the 2nd topmost priority. The 1st being access to contactless food and payment services (packed meal, vending, digital cafeteria) considering the pandemic and the urge to quickly adjustment to the new normal. This was strongly followed by menu variety as a key consideration in identifying and selecting a food service provider. Sodexo’s mission to provide Quality of Life services is integrated into its food offerings – Foodiverse, the curated foodhall-like experience that includes modules like Home Favourites, Tadka, Dakshinam and Hot Wok, where healthier alternatives are used. Millets & Plant-based protein give a wider variety and choice to consumers without compromising on taste. Our latest safe, nutritional, packaged meal solution, Tiffin Box also has glimpses of these healthier variants. 

    Thus, our regular customer and client surveys keep us updated and help us reformulate our food offerings. We understand that healthier food does not refer to only salads and soups, but on the complete food preparation process – from sourcing fresh produce to using less oil and salt, cooking food in smart kitchens, maintaining highest HSE standards and serving it with safety and care. Our “Sowellthy” initiative drives healthy habits and influences consumer behavior, promoting fitness and immunity. We do this by driving engagement initiatives, awareness programs on-site and by arranging food fests, among other measures on our client sites.

    On this World Health Day today, we promise to keep supporting our pledge of providing Quality of Life to our consumers, moving slowly but surely towards a fairer, healthier world.

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